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To shop our entire collection, visit us at The Matchworks Building
8500 Station Street, Suite 103, Mentor, OH 44060

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Live Edge Tables

Unique Live Edge Tables are handcrafted from live edge slabs of wood. We have an assortment of many different species of wood, the majority of which are locally-sourced in Northeast Ohio. Our collection of over one hundred tables ranges from side tables, coffee tables, sofa tables, console tables, benches, stools, and assorted desks. We offer both all-wood and river table models with a full line of stylish legs and bases for any interior décor.


Unique Live Edge Tables are constructed by a local wood artisan. His products are original designs, all one-of-a-kind thanks to the diversity and characteristics of each individual tree. All finishes are sustainable and non-toxic for use, and because of the sustainable building process, there is very little waste. Price per piece varies depending on the wood species, size, the finish, and the base. 

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Why Choose Us?

Take a look at some of the benefits of having natural wood in your home

Stress-relieving effects


Increases focus

Inspires positivity

Induces relaxation

Reduces tension & fatigue

Carbon positive health benefits

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Unique Live Edge Tables

The Matchworks Building

8500 Station Street, Suite 103

Mentor, OH 44060

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